Working from home remotely is a trend that should not be ignored. Working from home or remote working or telecommuting are all broadly the same thing. Your office commute has changed; instead of spending hours on the motorway, the freeway, or public transport, journeying to an office building, school, or other central location, your commute is to YOUR home office or other location of your choice.
The level of home based activity will depend on the position. As an example, with some jobs you will be based at your home office but you may have to visit clients. Other jobs require you to work from home permanently. And there are varieties of working from home scenarios that fit in-between these 2 examples. There are also a variety of jobs that are now being advertised administration, professional, teaching writing, creative, technical plus others. There are also jobs being advertised at strategic level, at professional levels, administrative level and more. You would not be playing fair to yourself if you did not at least take a look at these jobs. See Working from home remotely also means that you DO NOT HAVE TO RESTICT YOURSELF to vacancies in your vicinity or even the country you are living in. Working from home remotely allows you to work for companies based ANYWHERE. Think about that for a moment……. live in Bali and work for a company in the US. Live in Spain or Greece or Portugal and work for a company in the UK. The possibilities are wide and various.
Working from home remotely is now possible for many, thanks to the internet and the variety of mobile devices and software that aids working from home.

Working from home is a growing trend and there are a number of positives for the employee.
For many of us attending an office every day is cotsly for example purchasing the work outfits. We purchase the suits, the smart casual outfits, the dresses; the skirts/trouser and top combinations, put together in such a way as to ensure that we look like we have more cloths than we actually can afford. Working from home does away with all of this, and we can use our income for other things.
The costs of commuting are increasing; and commuting is becoming more and more stressful. The traffic jams, the road works, the closed roads, the cancelled trains, the overcrowding, the lack of seating, the lack of comfort, the continual checking of various apps to see what is and isn’t going on with the roads today (road works), the trains today (leaves on the line; although that may be just a UK problem) the buses and coaches today (cancelled services) and on and on. Working from home allows you to laugh riley at those who still have to go through this pain.

Work life balance
Ask yourself how long is your commute? Do you find that you have to put up with the inconvenience of getting up earlier and earlier to traverse whatever problem commuting has gifted you today? Working from home allows that extra time in bed or It allows you to have breakfast with the people you like and love. Or…. Well you choose that extra time is yours to spend how you wish.
How many times are you called into lengthy sometimes unnecessary meetings but you are still expected to meet deadlines?

Work Environment
Your home office is set out in a way that suits you. You no longer have to put up with the dodgy chair, the laptop with the dirty screen, the phone with the dirty handset.

Working remotely means that you can be a digital nomad. A Digital Nomad is a relatively new terms for people who are not location dependant and use technology to enable them to perform their jobs.

Contribute to being green
As you are no longer one of the headless chickens commuting madly to and fro you can be smug about reducing your carbon foot print.

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The most important items for those of us who work from home are
• A good fast reliable internet connection
• A computer or laptop
• A mobile phone
• A printer-scanner

A good fast reliable internet is a must for a work from home remotely worker. You rely on it utterly so choose a reputable supplier such as Virgin.
Laptop or Desk top
It depends on your job function. I prefer the laptop because of its mobility. If your work is nontechnical e.g. you are not writing sophisticated computer programmes, then a basic computer with a decent sized memory is good enough for most needs.
Although you can communicate via your laptop/desktop via skype for example having a mobile is convenient. There are some very inexpensive smartphones on the market that will do a more than adequate job.
Again for nontechnical job functions a basic printer scanner combo will do the job perfectly well.